Guinn Powell BIO

I consider myself to be a true "Renaissance Man". I see life as my palate, constantly changing with each direction that I’m facing.
I paint because I feel the urge to create and document my life. My goal is to make my art a direct reflection of who I am. I aspire
to convey this relationship to anyone viewing my work. To feel the purpose behind each stroke.

The circumstances, events, and people that I encounter in life are inspirations for ideas to put down on a surface. Those ideas
become themes that inform choices in techniques and colors, until finally they boil over onto the canvas. The first stroke is always
the most difficult. But at this point, it is a commitment I have to follow, a challenge to take on. My current work is a journey of discovery
into possibilities. With variety as my theme, I’m trying to take the things that are everyday, the commonplace and give it an anchor on a
surface. I challenge myself to repeatedly stay focused on the final stroke. The moment when I can look at a piece in progress and say to
myself that it’s done.

In addition to my artwork I'm also an actor. Recently, you may have seen my commercial on TV or my picture on buses and billboards
for The American Heart Association 'Don't Die of Doubt - Trust 911' campaign.

I am also available for commissioned artwork as well as graphic design. Please check out my portfolio and contact me if you would like
me to help with your project. Thank you for your interest in my work.